Now archived! My guest appearance on the Inner State Highways iTV show

Check it out! Last night I had my very first appearance on iTV, on the Inner State Highways show on the Para Encounters Network!  I had such a great time talking Tarot and Astrology with hosts Jordan Hoggard and Issac Bradfield.  We covered a lot of territory, from how I use Tarot as an interactive tool to some interesting insights into the meaning of The Devil Tarot card.

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You’re Invited to the new spin-off site Everyday Tarot Card Combinations


Happy New Year, Greetings, and Blessings Bright to my 365 Days of Tarot Readers!

The 365 Days of Tarot blog project is complete, but you know we must Tarot on!  And, after all, I did say I had a couple new ideas up my sleeve.  One of the things I wasn’t expecting when I launched 365 Days of Tarot was that the blog would inspire a spin-off site!  The Everyday Tarot Card Combinations posts are the most popular posts on the 365 Days of Tarot blog, and responsible for bringing in the most new Readers to the blog.

The Everyday Tarot Card Combination series began when I reviewed my site statistics and realized many of the search terms that brought people to the blog were Tarot card combinations.

The Everyday Tarot Card Combinations series quickly became my favorite part of the blog to write, ...

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Day 365: The World


The 365 Days of Tarot blog is a labor of love, a contribution to the understanding of the Tarot, and a small way to give back to Tarot what Tarot has given to me.

From Day 1 I knew what card I wanted to do for the final, 365th post.  I knew I wanted to do The World.  I wanted The World to not only mark the completion of the project and this particular cycle for me, but also to represent my readers.

So, readers all over the world, this final post is for you.  Thank you for reading my words.  Your faith in the project, your comments, and your insights gave me strength when I felt I couldn’t write one more word.  I felt your presence every step of the way.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

May you be The Sun and know The World



Readers of the 365 Days of Tarot blog

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James Wanless PH.D, creator of the best-selling Voyager Tarot, appearance on an all-new episode of The Tarot Talk Show!

The Tarot Talk Show welcomed very special guest James Wanless, PH.D to an all-new episode Monday 5/5/2014 @ 7p EST (4p PST)!  The episode is now archived and up for your viewing pleasure!

James is an artist,educator, visionary, new thought leader, and the creator of the best-selling, modern classic Voyager Tarot deck.  James is here to discuss his work, his core!, the Voyager Tarot, and the number 5.  It’s a Cinco de Mayo celebration Tarot-style, and you won’t want to miss this all-new episode!


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My New Blog Tarot W.O.W. Launches Today!

*Due to the Mercury Retrograde nonsense yesterday’s post did not have a link that worked!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  It’s the perfect day to launch what you love!  Tarot W.O.W. is now up and running, yippee!  Check it out :)

Enter Tarot W.O.W.


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Day 364-Journey to the Center of the Earth: Part II


Today’s post is Part II of my post Journey to the Center of the Earth!

The Ace of Pentacles is the core from which all things grow.  In my studies of the I-Ching a piece of advice that comes up again and again is to act “right”.  To act rightly means to act in deep, disciplined accordance with your core.  When you do this it is not possible to make the “wrong” decision, or betray your deepest principles.

All things grow from the Ace, all things grow from the core.  This brings to mind The Sun in the Tarot, the big Ace of Pentacles in the sky that affects all life here on earth.  The Sun, the Core, the I AM.  The Journey to the Center of the Earth is the Fool’s Journey.  What is found at the end of the journey is the core, the spirit, the I AM...

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Day 363: Journey to the Center of the Earth Part I


The animated movie Rise of the Guardians inspired these final posts for the 365 Days of Tarot blog.  Back in July I wrote on how it is helpful to “unpack” the layers of the situation, represented by the Seven of Cups Tarot card, and I likened this card to a set of nesting dolls.  Unpacking those layers, digging deep, looking far beyond what is immediately apparent, all of this is indicated by the depth of the Venus in Scorpio energy represented by the Seven of Cups.

So I thought it was really cool when Nicolas St. North (Santa Claus) in the Rise of the Guardians movie uses a set of nesting dolls to make a point to Jack Frost, the wayward main character who is in search of his “core” and the purpose of his life...

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Day 362- Pics that didn’t make the cut!

As the 365 Days of Tarot blog project comes to a close very soon I am left with pictures and subjects that didn’t quite make the cut!  I’ve put them together here, in one crazy-quilt post!
3cups4The Three Fates!  Three of Cups here, but also the Three of Swords as this is a journal (encompassing the personal thoughts and feelings of the Three of Swords) and Swords rule over writing.

6cups1 Tarot Tim, my friend and cohost on my Blogtalk radio show The Tarot Talk Show.  He’s looking rather Six of Cups here, with some Page of Wands mischievousness.

7pentsCalifornia is a riot, there was a basket of condoms at a very public party I attended on Halloween.  I was too Nine of Cups to be able to read the sign that went with them, but I found this amusing...

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Let’s Bring It Home!

I have been absent over the last week, I had to take a little break due to travel, the holidays, family obligations, and my own inner work.  I’m back now!  There are only three days left in the 365 Days of Tarot project.  Let’s bring it home :)

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Day 361- Divine Royalty: The Meaning of the Strength Tarot card


I took this picture years ago when I attended the Beggin’ Barkus Pet Parade in St. Louis, MO.  It is an annual event in the build up to Mardi Gras, and I think it is the largest pet parade in the country.  It’s a great event, and I’ve been meaning to put this picture up on the blog for the Strength Tarot card.  Over the course of the 365 Days of Tarot blog I’ve covered numerous aspects of the meaning of the Strength Tarot card, but not royalty, pride, and bravery.

This poor dog in his lion costume looks a little like the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz!  The Strength Tarot card encourages us to take heart, be proud of who we are, and brave in the face of any challenge to that Self.  Strength in the Tarot is Leo, ruled by the Sun, making it the zodiac’s brightest and most royal sign...

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