Day 209- Search Terms of Enquirement: Everyday Tarot Card Combinations


The Everyday Tarot Card Combinations series continues, and it’s a special two-day, weekend edition. 

I thought it would be fun to address a few of the search terms that have brought readers to the 365 Days of Tarot blog.  I’m going to write whatever comes to me!  Those of you who plugged in these search terms, this series is for you!


 Knight of Wands card of the day

I have found that whenever I draw a Knight as my card for the day the day goes by quickly!  The Knight of Wands brings an extra “punch” to the day’s happenings.  It could be a high energy day, one that is productive and active.  With all that energy it is good to be especially mindful of the little tasks you’re doing (going down stairs, cutting up food, etc.) and have an outlet for that energy.  If not the Knight of Wands energy could be especially frustrating, anxious, argumentative, or just restless.  The card encourages you to use the day to its fullest!

Six of Cups Tarot card in love

This indicates a sweet bond between the two people, and one of the cards I like to see in love and relationship readings!  The Six of Cups Tarot card is a card of friendship and a card of the past, memories, and nostalgia.  In terms of love its presence can indicate that the friendship element exists between the two people, not just chemistry, and it could very well be that the two have known one another from before.  Sometimes, not always, I get the sense from the Six of Cups and the Two of Cups that there are past life, karmic, ties here.  This can be beautiful or extremely challenging for love and the existence of the relationship.

Six of Cups + Six of Wands

“Blending” was the first word that came to my mind of this combination, which I would say is a theme for this pair and a theme for the entire day, reading, spread, whatever was read on when this pair came up.  This is a a total “feel good” pairing because The Lord of Pleasure (Six of Cups) meets the Lord of Victory (Six of Wands).  There is quite a balance here, as the energy of these cards is quite opposite.  Scorpio rules the Six of Cups, a deep sign of what is hidden and not apparent, while the Six of Wands is very dynamic and “out there”.

There is a really nice blend of emotion and action in this pairing, which could also be a hint as how to handle the situation for which the cards were originally pulled, and the energy that surrounds the situation.  The message blending the opposites would be very affirming if things were well (and the reason for the success), and definitely within the realm of possibility if the situation were challenging.

When you have two or more of one number in a reading it is important to pay attention because there is now a theme to the reading.  It helps to look to the Major Arcana that is that number, as all the minors “vibrate” to the Majors.  So in this case the two sixes vibrate to THE six in the Tarot, Major Arcana six the Lovers.  The Lovers is love, but more than this the Lovers is alchemy; it is a blending, a balance, a union of opposites.  The energy of the Six of Cups and the Six of wands is very opposite, yet when paired together this combination indicates that there is a successful blend of that energy.

The Lovers + Six of Pentacles

While we are on the topic of the sixes and the Lovers…this pairing is a minor 6 paired with the Major 6.  More blending, but here I would say that the energy of the Lovers is grounded, and brought “down to earth” with the Six of Pentacles.  The energy of the Lovers is brought forth in some tangible way.  This pair could indicate love that is expressed in a tangible way or in a job/work reading it could indicate that a combination of your efforts is going to be rewarded.  This could be a job offer, promotion, or just more of what you need be it resources, validation, or support.

There is success with the sixes of the Tarot, because the blending of opposites has been done in a successful way.  There isn’t imbalance here, nothing is lacking (for now, as the minors are temporary states).

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