Day 21- King in my mailbox: The meaning of the Emperor tarot card


King in my mailbox

Tarot can even be found in the junk mail in your mailbox. Today the Emperor card came to me in mine!  The meaning of the Emperor tarot card is leadership and vision.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an Emperor who embodies both.

Dr. Martin Luther King as the Emperor in the Tarot

Dr. Martin Luther King is one of the greatest nonviolent leaders in world history. I feel that Dr. King is representative of this archetype in many ways, as he was not simply a leader as the Kings in the Tarot are, but a leader of lasting, powerful influence. Dr. King was a leader in the 1950’s and 1960’s Civil Rights movement in the United States of America, it can be argued that Dr. King was the leader, the Emperor, for this movement during these times.

Dr. King was a great organizer and orator. As Emperor in the Civil Rights movement he gave his followers something that is key to winning a war, something the Emperor has mastered. It isn’t enough to out think the other side. It isn’t enough to physically over power the other side. It isn’t enough to appeal to the other side’s sense of morality or goodness. If you want to create and maintain a lasting Empire you need passion.

Meaning of the Emperor Tarot card

I initially wanted to refer to the Civil Rights movement as the Civil Rights war for the purpose of this post, to maintain the association of the Emperor with war. However with more thought I realized that the Emperor is in fact action, and the word movement implies just that.

The meaning of the Emperor in the Tarot is action. It is the Emperor who turns an idea into a reality. The willpower of the Emperor is extended to the external world, to society, on a massive scale. The Emperor is not in it to simply win a battle or take a city. He wants the Empire, and he wants his vision to be reflected in that Empire, in every person, every law, every corner.

This Emperor did not just give the people guns. Dr. King gave the people a philosophy. He gave them a passion, that Aries and Mars fire that spurs action. You can hear it in his voice with his “I have a Dream” speech and in his “Letter from Birmingham City Jail”.

The Emperor knows that he has to give the people a reason to fight, because he doesn’t want the battle or the city. He wants the Empire. He wants the very structure of society to change.

The presence of the Emperor Tarot card in your everyday life!

To whom do you hold as the Emperor in your life?  Who gives you a philosophy to live by?  What is your own personal philosophy you would like to have an effect on society?  Today pick your battles, because you don’t just want the city.  You want the kingdom!