Day 80-Hitting the Books-The Meaning of the Page of Pentacles Tarot Card cont.


Hitting the Books

Here I am reading up on the Tarot.  I’ve been reading the cards for ten years now but I can tell you there is always something new to discover about the cards.  Especially in these times, there are so many cool books about Tarot that are published on a pretty regular basis.  This book is Around the Tarot in 78 Days by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin of Tarot Professionals.  I’m about halfway through it and I’m enjoying their insights on the cards.  It’s a fresh book on the Tarot for sure.

The Meaning of the Page of Pentacles Tarot Card (cont.)

One of the great qualities of the Page of Pentacles is their willingness to always learn something new.  This Page is the most studious of the Pages, they are the ones most likely to be found in libraries, bookshops, or off in a corner somewhere reading.  They absorb knowledge like a sponge.  Later on these pages mature into Kings and Queens of Pentacles, they slowly and steadily accumulate their knowledge and skills and build empires upon them.  The Page of Pentacles is the nerd in high school who later turns out to be your boss.

The shadow side of this quality of the Page of Pentacles can be an obsession with one idea or topic.  Books, learning, knowledge, is all priceless and this Page’s dedication is to be admired.  However, sometimes this Page needs to go out in the real world and interact with real people.  At times this Page can be too focused or obsessed with one idea they neglect those around them, and may not always have the best social skills to function.

The Page of Pentacles in Your Everyday

In the spirit of today’s Page be willing to learn something new about yourself or the situation.  You are being taught something here, rather than fight the lesson embrace it.  In terms of the Page of Pentacles in your everyday life as a person, this is someone who loves to learn something new and is relatively open to the process and experience.  Some people want to teach and others want to be taught.  The Page of Pentacles wants to be taught, and this might help you in your situation.

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